10 Weird Insurance Facts

10 Weird Insurance Facts
February 22, 2019 CommunityAmerica Insurance Agency
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When you hear “insurance,” funny or interesting may not be the first words to spring to mind. But these 10 examples, though totally outrageous, can also show how powerful insurance can be. Throughout history, people have invested a lot to save the things that are most important to them, and insurance has impacted big decisions.

  1. Actress America Ferrerra’s smile is insured for $10 million and Gene Simmons insured his tongue for $1 million.
  2. Alien abduction coverage exists and has since 1987.
  3. In 2010, Starbucks spent more on health coverage for its employees than it did on coffee.
  4. When movies in theatres were just becoming popular, people took out policies in case they died of laughter.
  5. Hole-in-one insurance policies cover lavish spending, grand prizes and over-the-top parties after a golfer gets a hole-in-one. It’s particularly popular in Japan.
  6. Jackie Chan has paid his stuntmen’s medical bills because his stunts are too risky for insurance agencies to underwrite.
  7. Steven Spielberg has the most expensive life insurance policy in the world at $1.2 billion.
  8. The idea for GPS was born in an MIT lab, but wasn’t patented there because it was believed insurance companies wouldn’t ever let people drive with a device navigating them.
  9. Astronauts aboard the Apollo 11 weren’t offered life insurance, so instead they left behind hundreds of autographed posters for their families to sell if anything happened to them.
  10. The rolling green hills and blue sky featured as the background of every Microsoft computer (pictured below) is an actual photograph Microsoft purchased—a photograph so valuable that the insurance to ship it was too high, so Microsoft paid to have it retrieved and delivered by hand instead.
windows xp background featuring blue sky and rolling hills

Image source: Newegg.com


While we’re not in the business of insuring celebrity smiles or alien invasions, we can help you protect what’s most important to you and keep you feeling secure in the face of scary situations. To get started on how you can protect what matters most, contact one of our advisors today.