Insurance and Services To Protect What Matters To You

Insurance and Services To Protect What Matters To You
April 11, 2017 CommunityAmerica Insurance Agency
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CommunityAmerica has a long-standing history of building financial success with our members…and insurance is no exception. One of the key components to any successful financial plan is protecting what is important to you. Our new CommunityAmerica Insurance Agency can help you do just that. Our licensed agents have been in this market for years and have the expertise and local knowledge to put together the right plan for you.

Hurricane insurance in Kansas? Probably not so much. Hail damage coverage? A virtual must have. We know your needs because we live in the same neighborhoods as you. Whether you are looking for something specific like Payment Protection insurance or something bigger like a Homeowners Policy for that new house, we have you covered. Need insurance for your business?  We do that too.

And based on the $2.5 billion in assets we command, we negotiate the best rates with our providers, then pass those savings on to you. Can your mom and pop broker do that?

Call us today to find out how one of our insurance agents can help you!

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