Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement

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Medicare is the federal program that provides health coverage for individuals 65 years or older, or for people with severe disabilities.

Medicare Supplement

Medicare supplements are additive plans available through private insurers to pay some of the costs which Medicare does not cover such as copays, deductibles and coinsurance.

Navigating Medicare

Original Medicare is made of two main components:

Part A – Hospital Coverage and Part B – Physician Services. Navigating the complexities of Medicare and the additional coverage available to an individual who is eligible or entitled to Medicare can be overwhelming and confusing.

An individual can consider their options for a Medicare Supplement, stand-alone Part D prescription drug plan or a Medicare Advantage Plan. Let a CommunityAmerica Medicare products specialist work to assist you with finding the Medicare program option that is best for you.

Having a better understanding of Medicare, how it works and what additional coverage fits your needs all begins with a brief phone call.